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Empowering Data Management

DataHub, a cutting-edge web-based company portal, serves as the central hub for all your analytics, applications, reporting, and structured data needs. Our portal boasts seamless integration with all your existing heritage and third-party data sources, eliminating the hassle of managing disparate systems. Is there still data you’re capturing manually? Not to worry, with our digital forms, a key feature of DataHub, you can say goodbye to uncontrolled datasheets—our application provides a secure and comprehensive solution for manual data input for any work requirement.

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Seamless Integration

Experience Seamless Integration with DataHub! From ETL tools to custom APIs, we seamlessly blend third-party software into our DataWarehouse and DataHub application. Connect effortlessly with through Teams or your web browser, ensuring smooth data flow across platforms and empowering your organization for success!

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Enhanced Reporting

Transform Reporting with DataHub! From the workshop floor through to the C-suite, we leverage Power BI to craft comprehensive reports, breaking down departmental silos and providing a holistic view of your organization’s performance. Gain clarity and insight into your business at every level, empowering informed decision-making across the board.

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Limitless Possibilities

Unleash the Power of Data with DataHub

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ERP Integration with DataHub

Your Smooth ERP Integration Solution! Connect your Data Warehouse and DataHub effortlessly with our custom interface. Our team ensures quick mapping and optimizes ETL tools for efficient data extraction. Utilizing Azure pipeline tools, gain real-time data access across ERP systems, unlocking valuable insights faster than ever before!

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Power BI Embed with DataHub

Your Power BI Partner! Harness Power BI embed for cost effective report management and unrestricted access throughout your organization. With DataHub, access dedicated Power BI cloud reporting capacity, making all reports available live at a fraction of licensing costs. Plus, ensure data security with specialized reports featuring Row-Level Security, granting access only to authorized personnel.

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Power Automate with DataHub

Transform Your Business Automation! With a myriad of triggers, connectors, and integrations, streamline operations across software applications. DataHub acts as your central hub, offering in-depth analytics to optimize workflows and drive efficient business progression. Unlock the value of seamless task automation and empower your organization with streamlined workflows!

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Advanced Analytics with DataHub

Unlock Insights with DataHub! Integrate advanced analytics and machine learning to predict trends and extract valuable insights effortlessly. Transform raw data into actionable information, automate tasks with AI-driven tools, and make confident, data-driven decisions. Leverage machine learning to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive in today’s data-driven landscape!

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